Coolcam Wireless 8CH 1080P NVR System. 

Wire Free Solar Camera

Model No.: H25DN3S4

​​Coolcamwireless 8CH NVR system provides true HD image quality with 1080P video.   Complete Home Security System can connect up to 8 WiFi cameras and 256 Sensors: Door/Window, Motion, Siren, SOS Panic key, and Smart Power plug.  Its features includes motion detection alert, night vision, event recording and alarm notification whenever sensor is triggered.  It comes with 2TB HDD that keeps recording for a month without monthly fee and it comes with free “Coolcamkit” app that enables you to search and playback event recordings.

• Live View & Motion Recording up to 365 days for free
• Easy Setup with One Key Auto Connection Guide
• Alarm notification on your smartphone        
• Night Vision in Total Dark Areas up to 120 Ft
•  2 Way Audio Communication
Wire Free Solar Camera

Cubecam C330

Wire Free Solar Camera


Solar Panel
PIR Motion Sensor
NAS-MS03T is a PIR motion sensor designed to be affixed to a wall or ceiling to detect any motion from human or animals. Once paired with a compatible iHomekitPro hub, the sensor will report when the motion has been detected via wireless RF transmission.
Mounting bracket
Contact Sensors
NAS-DS01T is a two-piece sensor designed to be affixed to a door, window or other permanent fixture that opens and closes, such as a drawer, safe, or valuables storage cabinet. Once paired with a compatible iHomekitPro hub, the sensor will report when the fixture has been opened or closed via wireless RF transmission.
Local Recording
Smart Power Plug
NAS-PP01ZT is a single power plug designed to be plugged into any wall outlet to turn on/off light stand or appliance. Once paired with a iHomekitPro hub, timer can be set for automatic on & off using your CoolcamKit app
Wire Free WiFi Camera
Motion Recording
Share Your Camera
Wire-free SOLO cameras allow video surveillance anywhere with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 months.
SOLO cameras automatically record video whenever motion is detected by the built-in PIR motion sensor. It will also push notifications to you phone.
Instantly share your videos and pictures with your family and friends.  Comes with free "DOBY" app on app store or play store. 


C310 is a smart mobile wifi-camera which utilizes a solar power battery.      
C310 has a built-in solar panel and , rechargeable battery that make the camera self-sustaining with power. (Varying regions with different amounts of sunlight will affect the battery life)
  1. HD1080P Video
    HD 720P video provides a clear and crisp video qualit for live view or event recording.
  2. Motion Recording
    Any motion detection create a 30 secondd.s video that is stored in built in SD memory card.
  3. Instant Alert
    PIR motion sensor detect any movement and send out alarm notification to view capture image and event video.
  4. IR Night Vision
    Built-in IR LEDs provide a clear night view up to 30 feet away in total dark.
  5. Two Way Audio
    Built-in microphone let you hear what is happening near the camera.
  6. Home Automation
    System can handle up to 256 sensors: Door/Window, Motion snesor, Alarm siren, SOS Panic Key and Smart Power plug.