Underwater ROV Drone.
 Capture Your Deep Water Adventure

The GLADIUS is a smart underwater drone built for filming, observing and exploring.      It is a portable and user friendly device that is able to dive up to a depth of 100 meters, allowing you to capture Ultra HD 1080P/4K quality photo and video directly to internal storage or live stream your dive in real-time. The GLADIUS is an excellent tool for scuba diving, underwater photography, sea fishing or yacht entertainment.
4K Ultra HD Camera
Easy to Use
Dive 330Ft
Neutral Buoyancy
Fast Charge
Stable Navigation
Dive to 330 ft
GLADIUS can easily dive to 100 meters or 330 ft, The towable floating buoy integrate wireless WIFI module. This gives GLADIUS a maximum 100 meters or 330 ft safe operating range.


  1. Fun & Sport
    Fun & Sport
  2.  Search & Rescue
    Search & Rescue
  3. Fishing
  4. Boat Inspection
    Boat Inspection