Meet Solo Driverside Camera
     with Face Recognition Algorithm 

Wire Free Solar Camera

Model No.: DSC360

​​Solo Driverside camera uses most powerful CPU for automotive application with built-in video analytic algorithm for facial movement, eyelid movement and head movement.  

Distraction Detection (Driver Awareness) – When the camera detects driver’s eyes straying away from the camera (E.g. looking at smartphones or reaching out for items) the drive side camera will alert the driver with human voice to ‘watch the road ahead’. (human voice command can be substituted with an alarm)  It keeps the driver alert and gives extra seconds to react to driving environment to avoid accident as a split second can make a difference.

Drowsiness Detection – When the camera detects irregular movement of eyelids due to drowsiness or fatigue, the driver side camera alerts the driver his or her condition with human voice to ‘drive carefully’.  If drowsiness is detected repeatedly, the camera warns the driver with the voice alert, “danger” until the condition of the driver is resolved. If the driver continues to drive despite the warnings, the camera will tell the driver to stop and rest. 
WiFi Built-in
Motion Detection
Wire-free SOLO cameras allow video surveillance anywhere with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 months.
SOLO cameras automatically record video whenever motion is detected by the built-in PIR motion sensor. It will also push notifications to you phone.
Instantly share your videos and pictures with your family and friends.  Comes with free "DOBY" app on app store or play store. 
Wire Free Solar Camera

Solarcam C310

SOLO WiFi Dashcam with break through ADAS technology
help driver avoid accidents.
Price: $349.99 MSRP


Solar Panel
Improved Power
Built in 6,800mA rechargeable battery can last up to 8 months (Based on 10 events per day.)
The camera can record up to 2500 events (30 sec) without charging.  8 hours sunlight allows 480 events recording daily.
Mounting bracket
Totally Wire Free
No need to run wire to power the camera or to connect to network.  C310 is totally wire free camera.  After initial charge, place the camera anywher outside with sunlight and never worry about recharging it.
C310 has a built-in solar panel and rechargeable battery that make the camera self-sustaining with power.
Local Recording
365 Days Recording for Free
Built-in 16GB SD card records up to 1 year (based on 10 event recording per day) without every paying for monthly fee.  Any movement in front of the camera send you a notifictaion with picture and let you playback recorded video.  Each event can be search through date and time or by time line scroll bar


C310 is a smart mobile wifi-camera which utilizes a solar power battery.      
C310 has a built-in solar panel and , rechargeable battery that make the camera self-sustaining with power. (Varying regions with different amounts of sunlight will affect the battery life)
  1. HD 1080P Video
    HD 1080P video provides a clear and crisp video quality for live view or event recording.
  2. Motion Detection
    Any motion detection create a 30 secondd.s video that is stored in built in SD memory card.
  3. Download Image
    PIR motion sensor detect any movement and send out alarm notification to view capture image and event video.
  4. HDR Night Vision
    Built-in IR LEDs provide a clear night view up to 30 feet away in total dark.
  5. One Way Audio
    Built-in microphone let you hear what is happening near the camera.
  6. Rechargeable Battery
    Rechargeable battery can last up to 8 months without charging. Built-in solar panel make the camera self sustaining.