Dophigo Doorbell Camera controlled by Alexa Voice. 

Wire Free Solar Camera

Model No.: NIP23

​​Solo Pan Tilt camera is a HD home security camera that can be controlled by voice with Alexa compatibility.   The camera has the features of motion detection alert and event recording.  It also has SD card slot that keeps event recording without monthly fee and it comes with free “Danale” app that enables you to search and playback event recordings.

• Live View & Motion Recording up to 365 days for free
• Easy Setup with One Key Auto Connection Guide
• Voice control with Alexa compatibility          
•  2 Way Audio Communication
Wire Free Solar Camera
Wire Free Solar Camera


Dophigo is a smart mobile wifi- doorbell camera with Alexa Voice Control.      
 It has a built-in 2 way audio and pushi notificaton 

  1. HD 720P Video
    HD 720P video provides a clear and crisp video qualit for live view or event recording.
  2. Motion Recording
    Any motion detection create a 30 secondd.s video that is stored in built in SD memory card.
  3. Instant Alert
    PIR motion sensor detect any movement and send out alarm notification to view capture image and event video.
  4. Portable
    Compact design makes it portable and let you carry it with you to your office or a trip.
  5. Two Way Audio
    Built-in microphone let you hear what is happening near the camera.
  6. Alexa Voice Control
    Camera can be controlled by voice suing Alexa skill