Manage your home with “Tuya” App

I ntuitive Auto Guide Setup

One Key auto guide setup process will add your camera with Doby app in a minute on your phone.  After registering on the app, just turn on the camera, tap on add camera button and type in WiFi password.    
 Doby” is available on both iOS and Androi81D

Live View and Playback

You can view a live video by clicking live video icon on alarm notication screen whenever you get alert on your smartphone.  You can also just go to the camera on your app and tap on live view screen to connect to your camera.  Recorded video can be playback by tapping on playback button on your screen.  Each event video is marked on a time line and can be searched by scolling down date and time.  

Motion Alert Notification

Receive real-time notifications whenever motion is detected.  The PIR motion sensor only detects true motions of human or animals and thereby eliminates the nuisance of false alarms from lights or background changes.  It sends notification with picture and recorded video link (30 sec clip) to help you keep you posted.

One App for Solo Cameras

“Doby” app let you add unlimited number of Solo cameras; outdoor solar camera, indoor cube camera, and doorbell camera. Monitor and control Solo Cameras with one convenient app. Experience a powerful, yet intuitive user interface to customize your settings according to your preferences: Home or Away, Continuous or Motion Recording, Camera Sharing, Notification scheduling, Playback on timeline and more. 

True Wire Free Camera

Our camera uses propritary chipset that uses low power WiFi connection which enables camera to use battery power to maintain operation for up to 6 months with one time charge.

Easy Access - P2P technology

Access your camera from anywhere with internet. Do it all without installing any network cable or power adapter. Our apps is all you need. It’s just that simple.

"DOBY" User Friendly App 

Wi-Fi Connect

Live View


Doby app provides step by step guide for instant camera setup and view live video in a minute.  No need to connect network cable or even power cable!
Some of the main features of Doby app are:
  • Easy One Key setup.
  • Motion alert notification with picture and video.
  • Search and playback event video.
  • Share your camera with your family.
  • Low battery alert.

Setup your camera in a minute with auto guide with one key setup process

Live view can be access through motion alarm notification or by manually selecting the camera on the app.

Playback event video by searching date & time or by scrolling through time line.

Global R&D Powerhouse 
for Security Product and more...
Solotech is more than a company that sells security products and technology
Solotech is a pioneer in the video surveillance market doing business for 10 years with more than R&D engineers developing both hardware and softwares.
We are excited about the future and look forward to exploring new areas of Technology to live smarter. 

SOLOtech is committed in creating innovation to make our life better.